Frequently Asked Questions

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What if the app crashes and you can't log in?

If you can't log in to the application or the application has an error, it can't be helped. make sure the internet network is stable, try using wifi or a private network. If you still cannot immediately contact customer service according to the listed on the application and attach supporting data to make the process easier and faster. process checking process:

  1. Registered phone number
  2. Full Name
  3. Supporting evidence: Screenshots of the application display.

1. How do I apply for a loan at Pinjam Bahagia?

  • Login with the number that has been registered in the Pinjam Bahagia application;
  • Enter the appropriate job data;
  • Enter 3 emergency contacts on your phone;
  • Enter additional information and don't forget to double check the Bank number you have registered for fund disbursement;
  • Upload your ID card photo directly through the Pinjam Bahagia application;
  • Perform the movements as stated in the application, try to take pictures of the motion as clearly as possible;
  • That's it, Pinjam Bahagia will do the verification and wait for a while. The loan notification will be sent to your application.

2. What are the requirements to apply for a loan at Pinjam Bahagia?

To apply for a loan prepare:

  • Make sure you are an Indonesian citizenMake sure you are an Indonesian citizen
  • Have an Identity Card (Aadhaar)

Have a Bank Account

  • Have a Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP)
  • provide job information
  • Provide personal information and emergency contact information
  • Have an active phone number that can be contacted

3. What is the loan amount provided by Pinjam Bahagia?

Pinjam Bahagia provides loans ranging from INR. 400,000 to INR. 10,000,000. As for the limit and tenor of the loan, it is completely contained in the Pinjam Bahagia application.

4. When will borrowers be informed if their loan is approved?

Within 24 hours, the borrower will receive a confirmation of the loan. Borrowers can check their loan process through the Rupiah application. application, just click the "Loan Details" menu on the Pinjam Bahagia application. Loan will be sent directly to the borrower's bank account. Completeness and accuracy of the data you provide, will affect the time required for the verification process. verification process. All information regarding your loan will be sent to the phone number you entered in the Pinjam Bahagia application.

5. What if the borrower wants to cancel the loan?

  • Loan cancellation can contact Pinjam Bahagia Customer Service at +012 345 67890 or via email to [email protected].
  • Cancellations can be made during the verification process, or before your loan is approved. your loan is approved.

6. What if you get a failed disbursement notification and are asked to change the account number but can't?

Failure to disburse funds may be due to an invalid account number or constraints from the bank during fund disbursement.

Make sure the account number is correct and there are transactions for at least the last 3 months. last 3 months.

If the account is no longer active or incorrect, please change the account number through the application. account number through the application. However, if you have tried to change it but still cannot please contact the authorized customer service on the App for assistance in checking.

Attach supporting data to make the checking process easier and faster:

  • Registered phone number
  • Full Name
  • Supporting evidence: Screenshots of obstacle display (if any)

7. What if I haven't received the funds yet but there is already a charge on the App?

Make sure you have checked the account number registered in the Application.

If after 2 hours from the disbursement notification but the funds are still not received please go to the bank and print the H-1 to H+1 bank statement then send it to the official CS Pinjam Bahagia customer service as stated on the Application. Checking takes 1-3 working days to be confirmed to the bank. Pinjam Bahagia banking.

Attach supporting data to make the checking process easier and faster:

  • Registered phone number
  • Full Name
  • Supporting evidence: Print the bank statement from the bank in accordance with account number registered in the Application.

1. How do I make a Cash payment?

Every borrower at Pinjam Bahagia will be given a virtual account number (VA), where the account number notification will be delivered through the Pinjam Bahagia application. Borrowers can later send their payments to the virtual account account listed in their Pinjam Bahagia application. Make sure each of your payments is directed only to the virtual account number listed in your Pinjam Bahagia application.

2. What if the borrower cannot pay on time?

Borrowers are required to make loan payments on time as the due date and nominal specified in the Application,but if the Borrower is late in making payments, the Borrower will be fined in the form of a penalty of 0.8% per day without reducing the fees and interest that runs. So we hope you can make payments on time and as soon as possible.

3. How does Pinjam Bahagia do loan collection?

  • The Pinjam Bahagia Collection Team will make a collection through a phone call to the number registered by the borrower to Pinjam Bahagia. Before Collecting Pinjam Bahagia will remind the borrower that his loan will be due soon.
  • Every billing will be directed to the borrower's phone number, but if during the billing period, the funds after the loan due date have not been paid, and the borrower cannot be contacted, Pinjam Bahagia will contact the emergency contact number listed by the borrower in Pinjam Bahagia.
  • For Every Emergency Contact Contacted by Pinjam Bahagia, We Have Ensured That Every Emergency Contact Provided by the Borrower Can Be Contacted and Verified and Willing to Become the Borrower's Emergency Contact, However, if in the Verification Process the Emergency Contact is not willing, the Borrower is required to include a new emergency contact number, so that it can be ensured that every emergency contact that Pinjam Bahagia has contacted has been fully verified.